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Advocating for Population and Reproductive Health among NGOs and Local Media Practitioners


For the year 2009, PNGOC continues to be a force both in the National and the Local level in the campaign for the passage for a comprehensive reproductive health care act. PNGOC through its grant from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) had conducted various activities in support for the passage of the RH bill. This year, PNGOC was able to conduct fourteen (14) press conferences in different areas of the country.

PNGOC also has expanded its media partners this year; PNGOC through its media partner, TAMA was able disseminate information reaching other areas other than the 10 UNFPA sites and thus, garnered more media allies in the local level in support for a reproductive health bill.

PNGOC also conducted special events like World Population Day, Stand Up Against Poverty and World AIDS Day to draw public attention to the pending RH Bill in Congress and disseminate information on population, development and reproductive health.

PNGOC also partnered with various organizations to conduct a multi-sectoral forum in General Santos city, Masbate, Pangasinan and Zamboanga city in support for the passage of a Reproductive health bill. The different mulit sectoral forum was able to gain additional supporters for the bill and the participants themselves have devise ways on how to actively support for the passage of the bill. PNGOC also led the International conference on population and development at 15 celebrations.

PNGOC conducted a series of meetings both in the local and national level to assess the progress that the Philippines has made in meeting its commitments in the ICPD Program of Action (ICPDPOA) and provides recommendations for priority actions. The recommendations were then integrated in the NGO report entitled: From an NGO Lens: The ICPD at 15 Report – Philippines.

PNGOC was able to conduct and implement all this activities due to the strong ties that PNGOC has with media partners, Civil Society organizations (CSOs), Government Agencies (GAs) and Peoples Organziations (POs). Together, we can make a difference; together we can change our future.

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