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As one of the implementing partners of USAID’s HealthGov Project, PNGOC was tasked to provide assistance in the delivery of the project’s Intermediate Result, which focused on “Increasing Advocacy on Service Delivery and Financing.” In line with the Year 4 directions for increasing advocacy for health (IR 1.4), PNGOC assisted the HealthGov Project in the following areas: 1) Enhancing LGU officials’ and leaders’ commitment to health by providing advocacy tools and training; 2) Increasing the capacity of health providers and civil society champions to develop and deliver effective health advocacy messages to local government officials and decision makers; 3) Intensifying civil society advocacy and participation with training and grants; and 4) Strengthening partnerships between health providers and civil society to promote supportive policies and priority health programs, and help expand opportunities where information is shared and consensus is built.

The following were the major accomplishments/milestones achieved in Year 4 (October 2009 to December 2010) of the project: 1) Completion of political map of candidates for local positions (e.g.Governor, Board Members, Mayors and Congressional Representatives); 2) Integration of health in the Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Program of the DILG through the conduct of NEO orientation sessions in 17 project provinces.; and 3) Implementation of local advocacy activities for FP and MNCHN in low performing LGUs through Fixed Obligation Grant to NGOs.

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