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Orientation of Broadcasters on Responsible Parenthood – Natural Family Planning


The Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare Inc. (PNGOC) in partnership with the Commission on Population (POPCOM) will initiate a project that will bring the local media practitioners, specifically, radio broadcasters, in an effort to spread knowledge on Responsible Parenthood, Respect for Life, Birth Spacing, Breast feeding and Informed Choice.  The project aims to create champions among radio broadcasters whose coverage is vast. This project will be implemented nationwide, in close coordination with POPCOM Regional Offices.  Workshops will be done in key cities to ensure that broadcasters of local/provincial radio stations are included.  The design of the workshops will be prepared in close coordination with POPCOM to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved, advocacy skills are honed, and advocacy plans are crafted.  PNGOC proposes to implement this project, in close partnership with POPCOM, with the end in view to develop MEDIA CHAMPIONS in adhering to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s statement that guide the Philippine government in the implementation of population program.  These principles are based on the following pillars:  Responsible Parenthood, Respect for Life, Birth Spacing, Breast feeding, and Informed Choice.

In 2008, PNGOC and POPCOM implemented the project with 117  local radio broadcasters to promote Responsible Parenthood and Natural Family Planning.  With the success of this project, POPCOM  intends to expand the project’s coverage and intensify the involvement of local radio broadcasters, especially those connected with Community Radio.

PNGOC, with its local media practitioners can disseminate correct and precise information on NFP and fertility management. With this in mind, we can make couples aware of their basic responsibilities as parents, making them aware of there responsibility and commitment towards their family, neighbors, community, society, and the nation as a whole.  And by doing so, we are making responsible parenting as a way of life towards the attainment of sustainable human development.

This year, PNGOC has been contracted again by POPCOM to orient 80 local print and radio broadcasters.  The project, which runs from August to December 2009 intends to expand the outreach of RP-NFP in areas mostly not covered by the first project last year.

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