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Press Release no. 1


Reproductive Health Bill a part of the electoral platform of Womenpower

Atty. Zenaida Reyes, 1st nominee of Womenpower partylist has stated that part of their electoral platform once elected, would be the passage of a comprehensive bill on Reproductive health and all bills relating to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of children and women. She said that one of the root causes of our country’s depressing state is our uncontained population growth. Our country’s rapid population growth only aggravates the debt menace, hampers the delivery of basic health care services, depletes further our scarce resources, and derails sustainable human development.

Having a good and sound Reproductive Health Care Act is a way for the Philippine Government to help its constituents in providing them complete, accurate and relevant information on Reproductive Health, it will also provide opportunity for young people to develop and understand their values, attitudes and beliefs about sexuality, it will also able to help the young people develop relationships and harness their interpersonal skills and it will help the youth exercise their responsibility regarding sexual relationships, intercourse and the use of contraception and other sexual health measures.

“We believe that once a bill on Reproductive Health is passed it can help manage our growing population and give quality education for our young people. Right now, majority of our population are young people and they need proper education and guidance in molding their future.” Atty. Reyes said.

WOMENPOWER believes that the Reproductive Health bill is a measure that helps seek to promote and protect the right to health, the right to informed choice, the right to reproductive self-determination, and the right to sustainable human development.

WOMENPOWER is for the Passage of a Reproductive Health bill as a Reproductive Health Bill is for Women Empowerment!

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