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“Strengthening Community Media Networking on Responsible Parenthood-Natural Family Planning”


The Commission on Population (POPCOM), in partnership with the Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare Inc. (PNGOC), implemented and managed the project entitled "Strengthening Community Media Networking on Responsible Parenthood-Natural Family Planning" from October to December 2010 so that they can actively promote the responsible parenthood – family planning program of the national government. PNGOC has been an active partner of POPCOM in this endeavor since 2008.

PNGOC was tasked to conduct and manage various orientation workshops in key cities to ensure that media practitioners including print and broadcasters of local/provincial radio stations are included in the project. The design of the workshop was prepared by PNGOC in close coordination with POPCOM to make sure that the desired outcomes are achieved, advocacy skills are honed, and advocacy plans are crafted. Project implementation was done in close coordination with POPCOM Regional Offices.

The project was able to train 68 media practitioners, representing 48 radio stations and 20 newspaper publications all over the country while the total target participants was 60. The action plans which the media practitioners crafted were funded by PNGOC and were implemented nationwide in November to December 2010.

Part of the plan is the regular airing of TAGLINES crafted by the broadcasters during the orientation workshop, and the airing of POPCOM’s infomercials. The Broadcaster’s Manual was used by the broadcasters as a primary source of information on Responsible Parenthood-Natural Family Planning.

The project also trained 20 media practitioners on Development Communication in Responsible Parenthood-Natural Family Planning Program in partnership with the UPLB – College of Development Communication coming from various parts of the country.

The Development Communication training focused on the enhancement of knowledge and skills of media people and advocates on Development Communication Concepts, Approaches and Fields of Practice through the conduct of a two-day seminar and one-day study tour. They were oriented on Participatory Approaches and learn the concepts, principles, techniques of use, planning of, and production of various development media. The training used the participatory methods in order for the participants to appreciate and experience participatory processes at the same time.

The media practitioners were trained and developed to become MEDIA CHAMPIONS in the implementation of the population program of the government. POPCOM, along with its media partners, disseminated correct and precise information about RP-NFP. The broadcasters were given a freehand in creating and implementing various innovative approaches in promoting RP-NFP in their community. By doing so, the program made couples aware of their basic responsibilities as parents; their responsibility and commitment towards their family, neighbors, community, society, and the nation as a whole.

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