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Training of Trainers on Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC)


Project Background

The 1986 Pre-Marriage Counseling Manual and the Implementing Guidelines were evaluated and revised in 2009 in partnership with PNGOC. Both landmark documents were approved by POCOM. The newly revised PMC Manual was accompanied by a Process Guide and was field tested by POPCOM and PNGOC to trained and certified PMC Trainers in Iloilo City, Bacolod City, Cadiz City and Zamboanga City.

The proposed project aims to:

1. Train 73 national and regional trainers using the revised PMC Manual and Process Guide (TOT);
2. To roll-out the training to 1,360 cities, provincial and municipal PMC Teams.

There will be two (2) TOT sessions for core Trainers and seventeen (17) rollout sessions for city, provincial and municipal PMC teams. After the training each participant is POPCOM certified PMC counselor.

PNGOC, in close partnership with POPCOM, will ensure the efficient and effective management of the project.

Description of Methodology on PMC

PNGOC will form and deploy a competent and experienced team of professionals to implement the project.

PNGOC will manage (with assistance from POPCOM regional offices in terms of coordinating with selected trainees) and conduct TOT for 73 identified trainers from the mandatory agencies and roll out the training to 1,360 trainers from selected areas nationwide regarding the use of the new PMC Manual and Process Guide. To the extent possible, The Regional Team of Trainers will act as Resource Persons/Facilitators in the Roll-out training.

PNGOC will also, as a major feature of the training, assist and enable the PMC team trainees to develop their respective action plans in preparation for the implementation of Roll-out using the new PMC Manual and Process Guide.

Another major feature is the provision of technical assistance to the participants on how to advocate and tap LGU funds for scaling up and sustaining the roll out training in other provinces and municipalities not covered in this project.

Another add-on value of the project is: PNGOC will provide technical assistance to the trained PMC counseling teams of the selected areas by including a session on how to monitor and report accomplishments to the Commission on Population. A report template will be developed in consultation with POPCOM central and regional offices.

PNGOC will prepare and submit required reports and deliver accomplishments required per the contract with POPCOM.

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