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Upscaling the National Response to HIV/AIDS through the Delivery of Services and Information to Populations at Risk and People Living with HIV and AIDS (Round 5)

2010 – 2011 Achievements

The Global Fund Round 5 AIDS Country Project was a collaborative and coordinated effort between and among government agencies, particularly Department of Health, NGOs, the private sector, People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHAs), most at-risk populations (MARPs), vulnerable groups and other affected communities.

Implemented by PNGOC as the Sub-Recipient under the guidance of the Department of Health as Principal Recipient and the National AIDS Prevention and Control Program, the project aimed to contribute to the national goal of preventing the further spread of HIV and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS among those who are already infected.

The project upgraded the skills of 457 HIV/AIDS implementers through the various training programs conducted. It also contributed to the crafting and finalization of the "Local HIV Response – Strategic Plans" of all the 21 project sites. Developed in collaboration with the DOH, PNGOC, the Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) and the NGOs who served as partner-implementers in the field, these plans focused on implementing STI and HIV prevention interventions among their respective "most at risk populations" or MARPs, and improving their own health systems to be able to carry out the activities in the strategic plans.

PNGOC partnered with Rock Ed Philippines, another NGO, to launch its "Safety Series" media campaign by creating awareness on the many issues surrounding HIV and AIDS among MARPs. The campaign held information and preventive education on HIV and AIDS in places frequented by MARPs, such as comedy bars, street parties, open concerts, social networks and book launches. The campaign also attempted to reach the elite groups who are also into drug use and practicing MSMs.

PNGOC also developed the "C-Plus Shop," a condom social marketing concept that aims to sustain the availability and access to condoms among the MARPS and PIPS in at least 14 project sites. The network of distributors is composed of trained peer educators from the MARPS, PIPS, former migrant workers from selected NGOs and organizations of MARPs/PIPs.

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