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PNGOC-UNFPA Media Campaign on RH

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In 2010, PNGOC continued its national and local campaign for the passage of the Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Bill, otherwise known as the RH Bill. Through a grant from the United Nations Population Fund, the Council expanded the number of its media partners and disseminated RH Billrelated information reaching other areas outside the 10 UNFPA sites.

In its bid to garner more allies at the local level, PNGOC conducted various press briefings to orient media practitioners on the status of the proposed bill both at the House of Representatives and at the Senate. In addition, commitments from the media practitioners were finalized to ensure that the same level of accuracy, completeness and efficiency were observed in cascading information to concerned individuals thereby creating pressure among policy and decision makers to achieve a better quality of life for all Filipinos through the passage of the RH Bill.

PNGOC also collaborated with various organizations such as the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) and the Commission on Population (POPCOM) in the formation of local advocacy teams (LAT). These organizations helped the Council in identifying key agencies, media practitioners and civil society organizations that could lend their support to the passage of the RH Bill. The LAT’s were instrumental in identifying key activities and strategies in promoting support for the Bill in various parts of the country.

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