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Press Release no. 2



According to the National Statistics Office the latest total population of the Philippines is estimated at 94,013,200 million. Approximately 24 out of 100 Pinoy families do not earn enough to satisfy their basic food and non-food requirements (NSCB Data).

WOMENPOWER is concern about the plight of the many families who are classified as poor and have no access to basic services such as health care.

WOMENPOWER wants to give voices to the people and provide various programs to promote health care, especially reproductive health through education and access to family planning methods and services.

Atty. Zenaida Reyes, 1st nominee of the party list believes that we need to educate the youth, couples and families about their sexual health. People have the right to know and completely be aware of their own body, the odds of infertility, the responsibility and possible complications of pregnancy/child-rearing, their capability to prevent STDs and HIV and AIDS and to show people how to properly manage their sexual well-being.

WOMENPOWER would like to instill to men, women and the youth the correct values and knowledge on how to take care of their own body.

“The uncontained population growth which our country is experiencing just shows that the rapid population growth only aggravates the debt menace, hampers the delivery of basic health care services, depletes further our scarce resources, and derails sustainable human development.” Atty. Reyes said.

WOMENPOWER once elected, will support bills in congress which promotes gender equality and the empowerment of children and women.

To finish, Atty. Reyes said “we will continue to promote and protect the right to health, the right to informed choice, the right to reproductive self-determination, and the right to sustainable human development.”

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